Non-Stick Cooking: A Revolutionary Idea

If you think back to how cooking was like some ten or twenty years, you can probably remember your mom cooking with a standard frying pan or pot and then spending minutes trying to scrape away all the leftovers or burnt bits that had stuck themselves to the base and surrounding of the pots and pans. This entire process of having to scrub away excessively would often ruin the lifespan of the pots and pans, and would turn into a tedious task after every meal.

Once polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) was introduced as a covering and sealant, it completely changed the game. PTFE is a chemical compound that is known to have two really amazing properties: firstly, it happens to “non-stick” meaning the surface happens to be too smooth and easy to move around in, this makes it easy for things to slide around, and at the same time, for them to slide out of the pan or pot quickly. So, because nothing really sticks to the surface of the pans, it is really easy to actually wash them. The second major advantage that comes with PTFE sealants and coatings is that they happen to have really high temperature resistances, so really hot or cold temperatures do not damage it, or cause the substance to lose its structural flexibility.

PTFE and non-stick coating happen to be one of the biggest innovations in the cooking sector, and PTFE is, in fact, being used not just in coating utensils, but also in food processing, confectionary and the bakery industry. Apart from the food sector, you can also find PTFE in molding, automotive, chemical, aerospace, packaging and pharmaceutical industries, along with many other industries as well. This is why PTFE happens to be one of the most widely used item in multiple sectors.

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