High Hopes

The numerous shows that Las Vegas has to offer is incredible. Not just that but there are so many things to in Las Vegas that you’ll get lost in the mere thought of them. It’s for a reason like that that you don’t want to be going to Las Vegas without making some planned stops. If you leave your trip to a whim, you’ll go places you will regret. That is not to say that there are places in Las Vegas that aren’t fun to go to, but there are places suited to everyone. Maybe going to a big casino isn’t you thing, so why should you wind up there because you couldn’t think of something else?

That shouldn’t even be a concept in Las Vegas, if there is something you want to go or some place you want to see, there’s no reason why you can’t. All you need is to know where it is you’d like to visit and that requires some planning on your part. You don’t need to wander the streets looking for something to do, it just takes a bit of searching. There are also the shows here in Las Vegas, the 2019 Vegas shows & events are bound to be amazing.

Really, your own preference is what takes precedence over improv. You don’t want to find out there was a show that would have been something you would have liked to watch just to find out you decided to go to a nearby mall because you had no idea the show was on at that time. It’s something akin to what’s meant by planning your attack rather than leaving things to chance. Leave things to chance when the day is done and you’re okay with anything, not when you’re still getting hyped.

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