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Unless you and your family make a living out of selling filtered water in bottles, you don’t necessarily need a big water filter at home. If you occasionally drink from the tap and fill up your cool=king water from there then that’s really all the water you need. However, no matter how good the local filtration system is, tap water travels a long way through pipes and pipes before it finally gets to your tap and because of that, it’s not exactly free of all contamination by the time you get it. Unfiltered tap water can contain lead, pesticides and even chlorine, which is why a water filter is a must have.

The best way to make your tap water free of all contamination is to install a filter on your tap and yes, there’s a way you can do that without having a filter take up all your sink area – countertop water filters. These filters are simple, but very effective in both function as well as cost and they’re so easy to use that they’re just about the most perfect thing for every kitchen around the world.

They don’t require any permanent installation either and all you really have to do is to buy one, bring it home, attach it to your tap and run it for a few minutes till it’s ready to be used. These filters use the same membrane rolls that you get in larger filer systems and as such, all you need to do is to replace the roll every once in a couple of months or clean it out as instructed. These are very easy to maintain like that but they do not compromise at delivering fresh clean water at all.

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