Jewels For The Fashionably Conscious

In the older days, it was easier to do a lot of things simply because things were cheaper. You could own property by the age of 30 easily and you could also afford lavish jewellery without having to trade an arm and a leg for it. Jewellery has been part of human tradition since times so ancient that we’re not even sure if we have an exact date on the time people first started wearing jewellery for pleasure – we aren’t even sure if people wore it for reasons other than pleasure either.

Well, times are getting harder and the human need to own and wear fashionable precious items isn’t going anywhere. However, if you’re on this page, you’re quite lucky since we’re going to acquaint you with a source through which you can buy jewellery for better rates than most other places.

Before we go any further, you should know that just because of how valuable jewellery is inherently, you won’t get it for cheap exactly unless it’s counterfeit. At you’ll find authentic jewellery but at good rates since a lot of stores sell it for unnecessarily high amounts. Fake jewellery is partly to blame for the higher prices of jewellery around the world – it gives stores a reason to sell authentic jewellery for even more expensive than it’s supposed to be.

There are many fashion conscious people out there who are on a budget and still want good jewellery that’s authentic so this entire high price trend isn’t very easy on a lot of people. Thanks to, authentic jewellery of all kinds will always be accessible to all. Check out their collection, it’s really a whole treasure trove of all kinds of jewels.

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Why Wear Fragrances

A surprisingly high number of men in the United States do not wear fragrances or colognes on a regular basis. It is estimated that about 80 percent of all men in the United States do not wear a perfume on a regular basis, with a large chunk of them not wearing it at all. The ones who do wear it are usually introduced to the idea at a younger age through their fathers or some other father figure. A very silly, but apparently common, reason for a lot of men not wearing perfumes is that they are afraid of over using it or being deemed too feminine. This is a pretty bad reason to consistently smell bad, as we all tend to by the end of the work day without any cologne, and can easily be refuted.

First of all, you can learn what the right amount of cologne is for you. Generally you will want to spray twice on both wrists, rub them together, and then lightly rub your wrists behind your ear. You will also want to spray once on either side of your dinner jacket or coat but not more than that as it can be over powering. This is the basic amount of perfume or cologne that you will need, although you can adjust the amount put on depending on the percentage of perfume oil in the bottle. Different percentages equal to different scent strengths. Also try out smaller brands, like RawChemistry, as the big brands are not really that special.

For those worried about looking feminine, you need to get out of your own perception of what women want. Women love confident men who can put themselves in a new position and try something new out. Women also love men who smell better than the others.

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Is Wearing Suspenders Restricted to Occasions?

If you have always admired suspenders but never got the courage to wear them because you thought that you would be singled out as nobody wears it anymore then you are in for a treat because suspenders are back in fashion and you can wear them without the fear that people would think that you have no sense of style. If you have a look at the different fashion shoots of magazines and brands, you would notice that many of the models wear suspenders. Trend Suspenders is a brand that offers good quality brand and is one that you should definitely check out if you are looking for different types of suspenders. The worry that bothers many people is if they can wear suspenders anytime that they want or should they only wear to some occasions? If you are a suspenders lover then you probably do not require an incentive to wear it but if you are the person who wishes to restrict their use then what you can do is to wear it on special occasions only.


The occasion at which you would see the most number of suspenders you would see in a room is a wedding because they are the occasions where everyone is dressed up fancy which shows that suspenders are considered to be fancy.

Business Meetings

If you wish to stand out in a business meeting while looking professionally stylish then suspenders are your best bet and you would be signaled out but in a good manner.

Dance Parties

There was a time that dance ball parties were thrown where everyone would dress up fancy and while they are not common anymore, if you are going to a prom or any other fancy dance party then suspenders would only help you look posh and would show people that you are aware of fashion.

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